Goals for 2024: Reconnect thru Wellness Travel for Health & Emotional Happiness

The New Year brings hopes, dreams, goals and resolutions for 2024. What better way to kick it off than incorporating Wellness Travel into the mix as you create or implement your plan of health and happiness!

Winter travel to Inn on Turner takes on a tranquil charm, adventurers beckon to explore the serene beauty of beaches and maritime forests without seasonal crowds. Coastal destinations during the colder months offer a unique and peaceful experience, blending the crisp winter air with the soothing sound of waves against the shore. It allows the mind to release, thoughts to clear …it’s the perfect time for contemplation.

Discovering beaches in winter unveils a different facet of these vibrant Summer locales. The absence of crowds allows for an intimate connection with the coastline, where long walks on the deserted sands become a peaceful escape. Maritime forests, adorned with a dusting of winter magic, provide a captivating backdrop for exploration, encouraging travelers to delve into the unique ecosystems that thrive along the coast. Visit the NC Aquarium at PKS , stroll Atlantic Beach for olive shells, explore Fort Macon‘s history, challenge yourself to go to the end of the Pier then reward yourself at The Pier House for a full day of all things seaside.

Winter travel to the Crystal Coast isn’t about embracing the cold—it’s an opportunity to witness the dynamic beauty of nature in a quieter, more reflective atmosphere. Whether strolling along shelling the shore line, hiking & bird-watching in maritime forests, or enjoying festivities in our coastal communities.

Winter on the coast promises a rejuvenating and unforgettable experience. You truly can see what it’s like to live like a local…..

Added “feel good” your getaway to our coast in January & February contribute to the sustainability of our communities year-round, supporting small businesses, historic sites, state and national parks & family run restaurants…..annnnnd… research shows a seaside stroll has numerous health benefits.

So, bundle up and kick off your wellness program for 2024, embark on a Winter adventure to the NC coast, where the beaches and maritime forests of Beaufort await for exploration and excitement under clear blue skies….

Kim & Jon